160,000 Android Devices Being Sold Per Day

Apple's stealing all of the smartphone attention these days (some good, some bad press), but Google is always lurking. The two have been feuding for some time now, ever since Google entered the mobile OS market with Android and suddenly got all up in Apple's game. As we have seen earlier in the year, when Android's adopting rate began to surpass the rate of iPhone OS, Android is on a track for success.

But up until now, Google hasn't said much about exactly how successful Android is, or has been. But the time for keeping secrets is apparently over. According to the company, over 160000 mobile phones using Android are being sold each and every day, and that's no small feat. Of course, quite a few more iPhone 4 units have been sold than that during this opening weekend, but a sustained click of 160k per day is very impressive for an OS that just launched 1.5 years ago.

And Android has a bright future too. Motorola's forthcoming DROID X and America's first 4G smartphone (HTC's EVO 4G on Sprint) both run Android, and the Nexus One has a cult-like following already. Google chief executive Eric Schmidt had this to say about it: "Everybody is going to be on mobile devices all the time, every day, unless they're asleep. Everything is moving to mobile and we're participating in it. We have more than 160,000 of these things shipping globally every day."

It'll be really interesting to see what happens to these numbers once Windows Phone 7 launches. Will the momentum continue? Will it give way? Time will tell, but with Android 2.2 coming up, we doubt these figures will drop anytime soon.