157 New Emojis Finalized For 2018 Including Superheroes, Shoes And Love For Redheads

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With so many emojis available at our fingertips on phones, you can have an entire conversation without ever having to type a letter. Unicode.org has announced that the Emoji 11.0 characters for 2018 have been finalized. There are 157 new emojis that may find their way to your smartphone or other devices.

The Emoji 11.0 set is now fixed and final and has all the data that vendors need to begin working the emoji fonts and code ahead of the release of Unicode 11.0 set to happen in June. Unicode.org says that the new emojis typically turn up in August or September. The exact timeframe is up to device manufacturers.

Unicode.org wrote, "The man and woman emoji can now have various hair styles (red-haired, curly-haired, white-haired, and bald), and the new superhero and supervillain support genders and skin tones. The new leg and foot also support skin tones."

You can see images of all 157 new emoji, but Unicode.org wants to be clear that these are only samples. Vendors have the final say in how the emoji will look on each device. "These images are just samples: vendors for mobile phones, PCs, and web platforms will typically use images that fit their overall emoji designs. In particular, the Emoji Ordering v11.0 chart shows how the new emoji sort compared to the others, with new emoji marked with rounded-rectangles. The other Emoji Charts for Version 11.0 have been updated to show the emoji."

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If you are wondering why the new version of Unicode is jumping from the previously released Unicode 5.0 to the new release being Unicode 11.0, it's because the version number for emoji is now in sync with the corresponding version number for the Unicode Standard. Anyone wanting to suggest a new emojis for version 12.0, which is due in 2019, must have their proposals submitted before the end of March 2018. The good news is that there are no cheesburgers with the cheese in the wrong place in this emoji release.

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