15 Year Old Wins $50000 In LG Text-Off

For all the parents out there who can't stand to see their kids text during meals, during family reunions and during study sessions, here's a note: that obsession could land them $50,000 and fifteen solid minutes of fame. Just eight months after getting her first cell phone, Iowa's own Kate Moore managed to out-text 20 other finalists from around America in the LG-sponsored championship round.

The event has become someone of a spectacle since launching just three years ago. With SMS usage on the rise, texting has become a worldwide method of communication. No longer just for kicks, texting now contains serious messages and heartfelt emotions. Kate averages right around 14,000 texts per month, which pans out to around 400 or so per day. In other words, her thumbs are always going.

She noted that she manages to keep up good grades, participate in school plays and even hang out with friends in person when she's not texting, but obviously her practice has paid off. She beat other opponents in a final round, where contestants are judged on speed and accuracy. In the end, 15-year old Kate Moore had to take on 14-year old Morgan Dynda by banging out three long phrases without making a single mistake or missing a single capital letter. Moore managed to best Dynda by just a few seconds to secure the gold.

Ready to claim the $50,000 next year? Expect the 250,000 individuals who entered this year to swell to even more, making the prize even tougher to claim.