100% Of Apple Laptops To Be LED Backlit By 2009

Apple MacBooks are due to get a LED backlighting as part of a future upgrade that will continue to raise the Cupertino-based firm’s green credentials.  Apple first introduced LED backlighting in their 2007 MacBook Pro refresh, and since then they’ve also added it to the svelte MacBook Air.

The movement is part of the company's charge towards "a greener Apple," which kicked into overdrive last year amid increased pressure from shareholders and environmental organizations who accused the electronics maker of dragging its feet when it came to removing environmentally harmful toxic chemicals from its products.  As part of an open letter on the matter, chief executive Steve Jobs said plans to reduce and eventually eliminate the use of mercury by transitioning to LED backlighting for all displays when technically and economically feasible.

"Our ability to completely eliminate fluorescent lamps in all of our displays depends on how fast the LCD industry can transition to LED backlighting for larger displays," he explained.

Jobs in the same letter added that Apple also has a plan to completely eliminate the use of arsenic in all of its displays by the end of 2008.

If you’re not an Apple aficionado you could still benefit from the possibility that Apple’s move will accelerate the entire industry to move towards LED backlit displays.  The benefit to the environment is certainly noteworthy on its own, but the real perk here is that the power savings could mean cheaper electric bills and longer battery life.