Verizon Shaves Edge Upgrade Wait Time to Just 30 Days

If you want to know what nifty smartphones are right around the corner, one surefire way to find out is to go pick up a device and lock yourself into a contract. Usually without fail, something newer, bigger, faster, and all around better pops up in the market immediately after, leaving you stuck with a last generation smartphone for the duration of your contract. To avoid those kind of scenarios (and to cash in on people's impatience), wireless carriers began offering early upgrade programs, including Verizon, which just reduced the wait time for Edge subscribers.

When first announced last July, Verizon's Edge plan allowed customers to upgrade to a new handset after only six months with their device. The way it worked is you would have to ink a two-year service contract and then begin paying off the full retail cost of the device broken up into 24 payments. After six months, you would be eligible to upgrade to a new device by trading in your old one, but only if you paid off at least half of the cost of the old one.


Over the weekend, Verizon reduced the wait time to just 30 days. You still have to pay off at least half of the retail cost of the handset you're trading in, but assuming you do, you can upgrade to a new smartphone and start the process anew after a month of ownership.

Upgrading after only a month isn't such a hot deal when you consider that you have to pay off half of the retail cost and then start the process all over again on a new device, but Verizon is telling media outlets that this is a promotion in response to customer requests. As for when the promotion will end, Verizon hasn't yet set a date.