Zune: 1M Sold, 99M To Go

Microsoft has finally hit the 1 million sales mark with its Zune series of MP3 players, and is now only about 99 million short of catching up to the 100 million mark of rival Apple.  Still, it's a very good sign that a major player like MS can muster up so many sales in a relatively short time, especially given that companies like Apple and Creative have some very loyal customers.  Here's a quick snip from DailyTech:
"Microsoft shipped its one millionth Zune MP3 player after nine months on the market according to Robbie Bach, president of Microsoft's Entertainment and Devices Division. The company had originally expected to top the one million mark in June, but the company achieved the feat a month early."
Perhaps the best part of Microsoft succeeding in the MP3 market is that they are likely to have something to prove to their peers, and we could very well end up in an MP3 price/feature war.  Microsoft has already demonstrated unique concepts like the Wi-Fi sharing system in the Zune, and it will be worth watching to see what further innovations MS and/or other companies make to earn your MP3 dollar.
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