Zemno's DeskBook Pro Is The Most Expensive Notebook Dock Ever

We've seen some pretty odd docking stations in our day. We've even netbook a docking station specifically made for netbooks, and now we're seeing one specifically made for MacBook Pro notebooks. The highly-stylish DeskBook Pro has just been revealed by Zenmo, and in case you couldn't guess, this portable docking station is meant to look as sleek as Apple's own computers do.

Promising "unrivaled connectivity," the station is also introducing the company's own ModBay technology. ModBays enable the DeskBook Pro to support
internal connection of hard drives, batteries and peripherals, and they're not only portable, but also provide
convenient access to additional
power for the dock when mobile. For those planning on keeping this at home, it allows you to keep all of your accessories and peripherals plugged in, and it can dock two hard drives at the same time or any combination of
hard drive,
battery, or peripheral device with access to 16 input/output connections.

Contrary to popular belief, you can actually use this with any Mac or PC notebook (up to 15" in size), so long as the machine you're using has FireWire and USB capabilities. Unfortunately, this thing will cost you a whopping $499.99, and it--along with the ModBay Modules--won't actually ship until early 2010.

The DeskBook Pro docking station is a control & command center for your digital world featuring:

• 7 USB Ports

• 3 FireWire 800 Ports

• 1 FireWire 400 Port

• 1 DVI Output

• 1 Ethernet Port

• 1 ESATA Data Connection

• 1 ESATA Power Connection

1 Audio Stereo Input

1 Audio Stereo Output

• 1 Flash Card Reader

• 2 ModBays

DeskBook Pro is compatible with any Mac or PC notebook up to 15” with FireWire and USB capabilities. It provides for unlimited storage upgrades and multiple ports to extend the life and functionality of almost any notebook or desktop.

“In creating the DeskBook Pro, we at Zemno have applied our own passion for improving mobile computing technology while also listening to the needs expressed by users worldwide”, said Gregg DeFronzo, Zemno’s CEO and lead designer. “We believe that our efforts have resulted in a new definition of what a State of the Art docking station should be.”

Pricing & Availability:

Pre-orders for DeskBook Pro (MSRP $499.99) and ModBay Modules are now being taken for Jan, 2010 delivery. Early adopter discounts are available for orders placed by Dec 25, 2009. To order and for more information on the company and its products please visit: