ZeeVee's Zinc Gives Boxee A Run For Its Money

Slide over Boxee, as there's a new broadband video portal in town. ZeeVee, which originally hit the scene over a year ago with its ZvBox, has returned to glory with a fresh new take on its long-standing ZViewer. The software, which has been reworked and re-released as 'Zinc' Beta 3, acts as a unified interface for finding great online content with maximum ease. Basically, PC users (a Mac client is expected by April) simply fire this up on their PC or HTPC, mouse around the variety of icons depicting networks such as CBS and ABC or other portals like Hulu, and then click to see a listing of available programs.

From there, users are presented with all sorts of meta-data about given shows, and they can even select programs to be listed in a 'Favorites' list for easy access later on. The best part of the whole deal is that Zinc is completely free to the end-user, and it's designed specifically to be enjoyed on a standard PC monitor or an HDTV. In other words, those with 1080p sets will see Zinc automatically scale out to fit the size of their display, making for a gorgeous Internet TV portal.

Zinc is available today for free, so why not give it a download and see if it suits your fancy more so than Boxee? Hey, at least this actually has access to Hulu, which is currently more than Boxee can say.