YouTube To Start Major Motion Picture Rentals Next Week?

Are you fed up with Netflix? Redbox just not working out? We highly doubt you'll be answering "yes" to those, but if so, help is on the way from a pretty wild source. Google's YouTube has just launched their first major movie rentals, making it an instant competitor in a small but powerful network of companies who are driving pay-TV executives up the wall. Facebook has already started to trial this kind of thing, and it makes sense for YouTube to try their hand as well. According to reports, Google's working to line up more deals with movie companies in order to launch a full-fledged rental program with titles from Sony, Warner Bros., and more.

YouTube already rents indie films for $2.99, but major motion pictures would obviously add a new level of excitement. Details on specifics remain under wraps as YouTube presumably hammers out the final details, but reports suggest that a full launch will be coming next week. So, will you be stopping by YouTube for movie rentals? Or does Redbox still have your heart?