YouTube Remix Launch Could Lead To Death Of Google Play Music

A new rumor is going around that focuses on the fate of Google Play Music. According to the source, Google Play Music will die once YouTube Remix launches. The rumor claims that all current users of Play Music will be forced to migrate to YouTube Remix by the end of the year.

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YouTube Remix was tipped to be something akin to Spotify, the leader in the streaming music market. One big difference between Spotify and Remix will be that Remix will allow users to play video along with the music and will reportedly have a better recommendation engine. Google has already worked out the details with music labels according to reports.

YouTube's Lyor Cohen has confirmed in the past that Remix will offer the best parts of the Google Play Music context server combined with the larger breadth and depth of YouTube's catalog. YouTube Remix is launching later than originally promised, but Cohen says that the extra time has allowed the company to perfect the service. The original launch had been tipped for March.

The source claims the big differentiator between Remix and other services are superior recommendations, offering smarter playlists, and providing music depending on the time of day, where you are, and other factors. But questions still remain about the service, like will it be rolled into a YouTube Red subscription. It's also not clear exactly how people will be transitioned from Google Play Music. The source does claim that everyone will be forced off Play Music.

The assumption is that all the tracks and playlists you have in Play Music will be carried over to YouTube Remix.