YouTube Message Spam Troubling Users

YouTube users are starting to gripe about spam being sent over the messaging system.  Considering that Google owns YouTube, and has had a working spam filter for their own e-mail service, G-Mail, it makes one wonder why the software hasn't been adapted to work on YouTube.

After all, a message is a message, and most of the techniques for identifying e-mail text as spam should still work with minimal re-coding.

“Unfortunately even if the sitemail spam was brought under control there will always be content spam on any social media platform. Witness the once proud brand of Tivo and its reported use of the insipid service PayPerPost to amass video testimonies on YouTube. I'm a believer that commercial communication can have a place in social media conversations, so long as it's fully disclosed and is at least 80% focused on adding honest value of general interest even to audiences uninterested in the particular product. I don't think that's the case with most PayPerPost ink spilled in praising B-rate bed and breakfasts and online services with no scruples or genuinely compelling value.”

In short, not only is the messaging service subject to spam, but marketers are very keen to hire employees who have a great command of sites of FaceBook, MySpace, and YouTube just to spam them, and typically in a way that's not entirely obvious at first glance.

Will marketers end up killing these communities, or will checks eventually be put in place? 
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