YouTube Goes Nostalgic to Celebrate 57th Anniversary of VHS

In honor of the 57th anniversary of the invention of the first commercial video cassette recorder, YouTube added a “VHS mode” button on some of its videos that makes the clip that you’re watching appear to be VHS cassette playback.

The feature includes adding black and white fuzz at the beginning of the clip, distortion at the bottom of the screen, squiggly lines, and more. One commenter on YouTube’s Google+ announcement page linked to this apt video that got the VHS treatment:

This VHS mode thing also reminds us that nostalgia isn’t always as pretty as we remember. (Woof, that’s some ugly video.) And it’s almost bizarre that many of us still owned owned a VHS player just a few years ago, as the machines already seem like ancient dinosaurs. For that matter, DVDs already seem quaint.

VHS Mode

In any case, happy birthday, (commercially available) VHS.
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