Youtube Founders Hurley and Chen Launch Vine Competitor Mixbit with Remix and Edit Features

Quick video clips are all the rage right now, and if you find yourself shaking your head at that statement, grab your teenager's smartphone and look at what apps are installed. You'll likely find Vine (acquired by Twitter for $30 million) and Instagram (acquired by Facebook for $1 billion) on there, and perhaps SnapChat, all of which allow you to record and share short videos (SnapChat's approach is a bit different since videos and pics expire after they're viewed by the recipient for up to 10 seconds). You can add one more to the mix.

The newest video sharing app is called MixBit, the creation of Chad Hurley and Steven Chen,. If those names sound familiar, it's because they're two of the three founders who gave birth to YouTube (Jawed Karim being the third). In other words, these guys have street cred in the video sharing game.


They're also apparently competitive. In a game of one-upmanship, MixBit allows users to record videos up to 16 seconds in length, trumping Instagram by 1 second and Vine by 10 seconds. It's not just about recording a short clip and firing it into cyberspace, however.

MixBit gets its name from the fact that users are encouraged to mix and edit clips. Individual clips are limited to 16 seconds in length, but users can stitch together up to 256 clips into an hour long video, which can then be shared on popular social networking sites and/or MixBit's site.

"The whole purpose of MixBit is to reuse the content within the system," Hurley told The New York Times in an interview. "I really want to focus on great stories that people can tell."

This has the potential to be big, though probably not in its current form. As it stands, the app is anonymous. Users can't post videos under a name, and they can't comment on other videos. That's something that will need to be addressed in a future update if this is going to take off they way the founders envision.