YouTube Welcomes Android Users To Embrace The Dark Side With Dark Mode

YouTube Dark Theme
Google has been working on a dark mode for its YouTube app for a long time now, after having rolled it out to the web and then later to Apple's iOS platform. Well, guess what? Android users finally have access to it as well, and can join the dark side. It's not clear if Google has enabled the dark theme on all Android devices just yet, but it is available on at least some of them.

The dark theme option started appearing on Android devices as we headed into last weekend. Some users report having seen it enabled automatically when firing up YouTube on their smartphones, along with a pop-up notifying them that it is a new feature. Users could then choose to dismiss the prompt and enjoy the dark theme, or turn it off if they prefer a brighter background.

If you own an Android device and are not yet seeing the option, you can check if it is available by going into Settings > General. There is a "Dark theme" toggle underneath Digital Wellbeing's "Remind me to a take a break" feature.

When enabling the dark theme, the background in YouTube appears as a dark gray (not black) with white text on top. It applies to every page that was previously white, including settings, searches, and so forth. The same goes for the minimized video player and all the tabs.

Dark themes have proven popular in general because of their sleek appearances, on apps and services that support them. There is an added benefit on video apps, though. It can help focus your eyes on the actual content, especially at night when the light from a screen might be the only light in a room.

Thumbnail/Top Image Source: 9To5Google