YouTube criticized in Germany over NeoNazi clips

YouTube faces harsh criticism in Germany over Neo-Nazi clips that are on its site.  What's surprising is not the presence of such material, but rather that complaints have been made as many as 100 times, and yet the clips are still there.  In fact, according to the report, some have been there for nearly a year.
The videos hosted on YouTube include clips of a 1940 anti-Semitic propaganda film "Jud Suess" and two music videos of outlawed German far-right rock band Landser, which show footage from World War II depicting Nazi military operations.

According to the statement from Report Mainz, German youth protection body has complained to Google Germany more than 100 times and asked Google, which bought YouTube last year, to remove the clips.

Some of the material has been on the site for almost a year.

I find it hard to believe that the clips have not been taken down when complaints were filed.  In general, at least in the U.S., when someone complains about a clip, it's usually taken down very quickly if the complaint is valid.  I must admit, however, that the clips about Nazi military operations - I'm not so sure about those.  You see those types of things on the History or Military Channels all the time, assuming these are just war footage.  But the anti-Semitic film, that's definitely something else entirely.
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