YouTube Buffs Out Its TV App With Sleek Material UI Design

Google is soon to roll out a major update to its YouTube TV app, and it looks good. A major goal with this release is greatly simplifying the number of steps required to get to relevant content. Much like the mobile app that many of us know so well, you'll be able to invoke a menu on the left side, sign in, and then get to a variety of relevant content very quickly and easily.

In the below video, which highlights what's new, an example if given of a cook; if someone is preparing dinner and has a YouTube-enabled TV near them, they probably don't want to spend too much time looking for the video that's supposed to help them along. That's why being able to sign-in and check on saved videos or even recent ones will prove very useful.

Perhaps even more useful is the ability to start a video on your phone or other mobile device, and then send it on over to your YouTube TV. The nice thing about this is that the video will continue from right where you left off, rather than start over at the beginning (a simple feature, but still a very appreciated one).

It's not entirely clear when all YouTube TV-enabled devices will receive this update, but those who use the app via their Xbox One should be able to take advantage of it now. For the rest of us, it'd be hard to imagine that the roll out will take that long.