YouSendIt Changes Name to "Hightail" to Reflect Future Goals

YouSendIt, a popular online service for sending large files, apparently felt constrained by its name as it looks to grow beyond a simple file sharing service. After months of planning, prepping, designing, and developing a new brand identity, YouSendIt is now relaunching itself as Hightail, a term the company feels conjures up thoughts of speed and agility.

"Hightail is a new identity that represents the current breadth of our services, as well as everything we aspire to become," Hightail Chief Executive Officer Brad Garlinghouse stated in a blog post. "It also marks the fundamental changes that have happened at our company.


Though the company formerly known as YouSendIt is focused on the future and expanding its horizons, Garlinghouse promises that Hightail's core offering is not changing, so you'll still be able to send out large files easily and securely, and then access them from any device.

"With a name that strides like a giant across a landscape of Boxes, Syncs and Shares alongside an audaciously elegant look that contrasts with the endless dreary blues of the cloud space, Hightail leads by example," Garlinghouse added. "It is the standard bearer that will help transform steady growth into true evolution and take our business to the next level."

For all the talk about the future, the new name and brand, a new beginning, and moving beyond just sending files, Hightail was surprisingly light on details about what's in store. At present, Hightail lets you send files for free up to 50MB, along with 2GB of storage and up to 5 signatures. For $10/month, Hightail ups the ante with 2GB maximum file sizes, 5GB of storage, and 10 signatures. Finally, Hightail's Pro Plus plan ($16/month) lifts the ceiling altogether on storage and signatures (file sizes are still capped at 2GB).