Your Receipt is in the E-mail

Ever get an email that has a signature line that says "Please consider the environment before printing this email?" Starting on May 16th, you can save a few trees by using allEtronic and rejecting paper receipts when you check out at big box stores like Best Buy and Target.

A service that will enable consumers to receive digital receipts through big box stores, such as Best Buy and Target, is set to launch May 16.

AllEtronic is an add-in for digital cash registers running popular point of purchase applications. When it recognizes a customer as a sale is rung up, allEtronic blocks the receipt-printing process, triggering details to be sent to its servers instead.

Consumers can visit allEtronic's Web site to view and export receipts to personal accounting software. First, they have to enter the first six and last four digits of a credit card number when they sign up for the program.

You can create an account right now, but you can't log back in to set up your account yet. Expect that to change on May 16th.

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