You'll Have More Time To Play Madden 2007, Now That You're... Er...Promoted

Sony announced that they're so pleased with the performance of Ken Kutaragi in bringing you the Playstation3 late and over budget, that they're not going to  let him manage the unit that makes it any more. You or me? We'd be fired. He gets a big raise and a new office.

On Nov. 30, Sony Computer Entertainment announced that Kutaragi, known as the father of PlayStation, would hand daily management of the unit to his deputy in the U.S., Kaz Hirai. Kutaragi will retain the title of division CEO, but he'll also assume the chairman's post, while the 45-year-old Hirai becomes president. "Kutaragi is still the top executive and, knowing him, he'll be keeping an eye on everything," said spokeswoman Nanako Kato. "But Kutaragi is grooming a younger generation of managers to take over sometime in the future."

I bet Mr. Kutaragi isn't the first person that lost his job because he spent too much time fooling around with video games. Just the most prominent.

Lose face, get raise, butt out.  

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