You Know You Want This For The ‘Man Cave’ - Bandai Namco Star Wars Battle Pod Is Pure Awesome

Forget the bigger screen television (you'll just have to be content with your 65-incher), faster motorcycle (Kawasaki's Ninja H2R isn't street legal anyway), or any other purchases you might have had on your radar -- if you're going to splurge an obscene amount of money on technology, find a way to get your hands on Bandai Namco's Star Wars: Battle Pod arcade game.

Yes, we thought arcades were dead too, but if you're going to revive the coin-op era of gaming, this is the way to do it. The Star Wars: Battle Pod is described as a high-speed arcade game set in the Star Wars galaxy. It has arcade-exclusive gameplay on a dome screen that envelopes your entire area of sight.

Star Wars Battle Pod

There are five stages that recreate battle scenes from the original Star Wars trilogy (i.e., the versions the didn't suck). Inside the Battle Pod, you'll get to control X-wings, snowspeeders, speederbikes, the Millennium Falcon, and TIE Advanced, all of which purportedly offer a real sense of flight combat action with an authentic flying experience. It's all powered by the Unreal Engine 3.

"The Star Wars universe is a vast galaxy of memorable experiences and epic storylines and we intend to put that level of fun and control in the hands of the fans with Star Wars: Battle Pod," said Satoshi Oshita, president and CEO, Bandai Namco Games Inc. "Players can jump right in to true-to-film battles on Endor, Hoth, Death Star II, Yavin, and more."

Star Wars

Inside the 180-degree dome is a single seat with low frequency vibrations that help reproduce effects like explosions. There are also fans placed inside that blast air when you're accelerating.

The Battle Pod is currently only found at the Midtown Dave & Busters in New York, where it will stay until November 2. More Battle Pods will infiltrate arcades around the country in January.