You Too Can 3D-Print Electronic Circuits With Rabbit Proto Extruder

3D printing is quickly evolving, and a group called Rabbit Proto is pushing that evolution onward with its 3D printer attachment that lets you print 3D electronic circuits on or within an item while that item itself is being printed.

Put more simply, Rabbit Proto makes it possible to print electronic devices and their cases simultaneously using capacitive “ink”.

What they’ve developed is a print head add-on that plugs into your 3D printer (with software and documentation to go along with it). The team says that the Rabbit Proto works with RepRap printers that have dual-extrusion boards, a Rostock Max, and a Mendel Prusa V2, although it can certainly work on other 3D printers, too.

The group is actively looking to work with 3D printer manufacturers, and their work is open source and available on GitHub. They’re expecting to ship the extruders sometime around mid-June.

Rabbit Proto prototype

There are three options for buyers. The Pure Rabbit ($350) is the baseline kit that connects to the existing extruder system on your 3D printer, and the Super Rabbit ($450) replaces the extruder system altogether.

You can also go whole hog and drop $2,500 on the Rabbit 3D Printer that includes the Super Rabbit Extruder.