Yo Dawg! Nico Gerard Xzibits $9,000 Analog Watch That Straps To Apple Watch

Ever notice that sometimes, the more expensive the product, the more bizarre or "stupid" it is? Nico Gerard's latest watch, called Pinnacle, is an awesome example of this, and it takes just one quick glance at it to understand what it's all about:

Nico Gerard Apple Watch Watch

Yes, that's a full-fledged Apple Watch built into the watch. Yo, dawg, this is some serious watchception. The watch itself looks great, with its stainless steel casing, brushed three-piece link bracelet, and stark black face. As a proud Swiss watchmaker, Nico Gerard's timepieces go through 15 days of testing at Contrôle Officiel Suisse des Chronomètres, Switzerland's independant chronometer testing institute. It's quality, something its $9,300 USD price tag doesn't hide.

But then, the watch had to be ruined with an Apple Watch embedded right into the band. Chances are this wouldn't add much to the weight, and given the bottom of the Apple Watch is completely flat, it's probably fairly comfortable as well. But do you want to be the person to raise a $10,000 watch to your face and look at the bottom of your wrist for Apple Watch purposes?

Nico Gerard Apple Watch Watch Sunrise

Something tells me that even the gloriously rich are going to look at this and scratch their heads. But, even if this watch turns out to be a failure, Nico Gerard is playing the marketing game right.