Yes! Goat Simulator Getting A Beautifully Bovidae MMO Expansion This Thursday On Steam

Indie developer Coffee Stain Studios has announced that the next update for its hit title Goat Simulator, will be released on November 20. The update, which will be free and released on Steam, is called Goat MMO Simulator and is an MMO expansion for the sandbox game.

The MMO expansion will give players six character classes to choose from; the Tank, Magician, Hunter, Rouge, Microwave, and No Class. While the first three classes are staples when it comes to the MMO genre, the developer has taken a more interesting approach to the last three. The Rouge class, not Rogue, is “the stealthiest make-up artist in the world” while the Microwave class is simply a Microwave with a set of legs that throws pizzas at enemies. As for the No Class character, it is simply a regular goat without any powers.

Image Credit: Coffee Stain Studios

According to the developer, the MMO expansion will not have a lot of content but does have “dozens of quests.” But if you thought a Microwave class was bizarre, how do you feel about dinosaurs and mermaids being in the game? The MMO environment bears a resemblance to Blizzard's World of Warcraft and has a higher level cap of 101 (WoW's level cap is 100).

Goat Simulator is a quirky, sandbox title where gamers play as a goat and attempts to do as much damage as possible. It was released on April 1, 2014 and has sold 1.1 million copies on PC and 500,000 copies on mobile devices.

 Have you played Goat Simulator and will you check out the MMO expansion?