YEAH Movie Streaming Service Launches With Second-Screen Focus

AMC Networks, which owns and operates AMC, IFC, Sundance Channel, WE tv and IFC Films, has just launched a new service that couldn't possibly be more fun to say. It's called YEAH! No, really -- it's called YEAH. It's being described as the first "streaming movie service that is an entirely new way to watch movies online." That sounds mighty vague, but it essentially gives each YEAH film "interactive features including 400-500 individual pieces of original content curated from in-depth research." The new bonus content is displayed on-screen seamlessly, making it a bit like VH1's Pop-Up Video, but for major films.

Viewers will be able to see exclusive interviews, little-known facts, quizzes, and other content that acts as supplementary second-screen content. Select films are up for rent right away at, while an iPad app is slated for a summertime release. It'll be interesting to see if such a specific service can get a foothold in a world already covered by streaming services, but with the traction that second-screen experiences are getting, you never know.
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