Yandex Passes MS Bing in Global Search Engine Rankings

In the search engine world, there are a handful of companies that you've probably heard about -- and then gobs of smaller alternatives that hardly anyone visits. But in a universe dominated by the likes of Google and Yahoo, a particular Russian company is soaring up the leaderboards. According to the most recent comScore report, Yandex has just passed Microsoft's to become the world's fourth largest global search engine. Based on monthly searches compiled in November and December of 2012, comScore's qSearch report saw Microsoft sites process 4.477 billion inquiries, while Yandex handled 4.844 billion.

Not surprisingly, Google still takes the top spot with nearly 112 billion queries and a 65.2% market share, while Chinese giant Baidu was second with 14.5 billion and 8.2% market share. Yahoo's hanging in third with 8.63 billion and 4.9% market share.

You're probably wondering how this could happen -- after all, isn't Microsoft way, way bigger than Yandex? The answer is yes. In fact, Yandex doesn't even sell software where it could load its engine as the default. It's likely a combination of two things happening: Yandex is becoming trendy in its native markets, and Bing traction is simply stalling. Truthfully, there's little reason to use Bing over a giant like Google for most common searches, and despite loads of marketing dollars, the term "Bing" still isn't nearly as popular as "Google." In fact, many people use Google as a verb -- that's how you know you've arrived, evidently.