Yahoo!’s CEO Scott Thompson Likely Out

Let this be a lesson to all you recent college grads: It doesn’t pay to lie about your degree. Just ask Yahoo! CEO Scott Thompson, who got caught with a bogus computer science degree on his resume. After an embarrassing week of halfway acknowledging the untruth, Kara Swisher of All Things D reports that Thompson is on his way out as CEO.

Swisher reports that the official line will be that Thompson is leaving for personal reasons--a recently-discovered illness. (Any wagers on whether that “illness” is a guilt-induced ulcer?) A valuable lesson we can all learn from Thompson’s Worst Week Ever is that if you screw up, how you handle the fallout from it is just as important, if not moreso. He botched it, and apparently his distinctly un-CEO-like behavior in dealing with it contributed to his impending dismissal.

Scott Thompson, (the more than likely former) CEO of Yahoo!

The Yahoo! board will have to meet today to seal the deal, but come Monday, it’s looking like Thompson will be out on the street. Ross Levinsohn, Yahoo!’s global media head, will likely take the interim CEO role, and Fred Amoroso will become chairman of the board.

Thompson didn’t last long at Yahoo!; he took the CEO gig just months ago, in January. Just months after conducting a search that netted Yahoo! Thompson (to replace former CEO Carol Bartz), the company will have to ramp up the same process again. Between the CEO shuffle and laying off 2,000 workers, this has not been Yahoo!’s year.
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