Yahoo Gets A Paper Route

Yahoo's been struggling to stake out internet territory that Google doesn't already inhabit for a while now.Yesterday they announced they'd  entered into  a partnership with over 250 newspapers to give those papers a larger online exposure while  giving Yahoo some precious, precious, advertising revenue.

Sacramento-based McClatchy joined the Yahoo alliance after turning down a chance to participate in another online advertising network being cobbled together by the nation's two largest newspaper publishers, Gannett Co. and Tribune Co. The three publishers are already joint owners of CareerBuilder, an online employment ad service that competes with Yahoo's HotJobs.

"McClatchy looked a various options and concluded this is the industry play," McClatchy Co. Chairman Gary Pruitt said during Monday's conference call. "This is where the momentum is. Our message to other newspaper players is, 'Come on board.'"

Ad revenues are flowing to the internet from  old-fashioned ink and paper venues. Yahoo's trying to turn itself into the newspaper's version of Mad Max:  I have a website that will haul that advertising. You want to get out of here? You talk to me.
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