Yahoo Email Revamp Takes On A Gmail-ish Look But With A Major Bug

Yahoo’s fresh new Mail revamp earlier this week brought a new look, new themes, 1TB of storage, and deeper changes such as disposable addresses, mail filters, automatic mail forwarding, offline access with POP, and more. It also came with a major bug.

Some users have complained that they were missing emails, and it turns out that the issue is apparently that the auto-forwarding feature is switched on by default on some accounts. Thus, if those users had previously set up a secondary email address, their emails were getting sent there instead of to their Yahoo inboxes. You can see some of the mess spilling out on Yahoo's Customer Care Twitter feed.

New Yahoo Mail

That would be an annoyance at best if your secondary address was, say, your active Gmail account, but you know how this works: Those secondary email addresses are often long-forgotten accounts, be they from college, or an old job, or just a personal account that was abandoned. If it’s not an account you ever check, you wouldn’t know that your emails were landing there, and unfortunately, if the account is inactive, those messages are gone forever, vanished into the ether.

New Yahoo Mail themes

Yahoo is pointing people to this help page to solve the auto-forwarding issue, but it’s not clear how widespread the problem is and if Yahoo has actually fixed the bug yet.