Yahoo Chief Marissa Mayer Poaches Another Google Employee

Google is generally considered a great place to work with numerous benefits and perks, including post-death payments to the surviving spouse and significant other. It just goes to show what a great pitch person Yahoo CEO and President Marissa Mayer is, considering she just snagged herself another ex-Googler.

Mayer, a former Google employee herself, managed to pluck Andrew Schulte from his old work place where he served as a product marketing manager. Schulte joins Yahoo as the new Chief of Staff.

Andrew Schulte
Andrew Schulte is the second former Google employee to join Yahoo since the beginning of August.

"Five life-changing years with Google flew by! Beyond thrilled to get started Marissa Mayer and the whole Yahoo team," Schulte recently tweeted.

Mayer had previously been successful in poaching Anne Espiritu from Google, where she had served as the Global Communications and Public Affairs Manager.