Yahoo! Adds Two More Email Domains

Will Ymail lure you to Yahoo! Email?  For that matter, will Rocketmail? Starting this morning, Yahoo! will be opening up and email domains for users.  Why?

It's obvious that if you wanted to get the email address, you couldn't. Saturation has meant that if you want to get an email address at Yahoo!, or for that matter, Gmail, you frequently have to resort to adding numbers or other such differentiating characters.  What a pain, right?

Today, Yahoo Inc. will roll out two new e-mail services - Rocketmail and Ymail - that the company hopes will start a "global race" among Internet users looking to ditch their high school and gimmicky e-mail addresses and score their desired online handle.

Yahoo Mail is the most popular Web-based e-mail portal in the world, with more than 266 million unique users in April, topping Hotmail's 264 million users and Gmail's 102 million visitors, according to data from Web tracker ComScore Inc.

"The reality is the name space for is nearly saturated," said Naomi Lipowski, head of communications products for Yahoo Canada.

For those with long memories, RocketMail was acquired when Yahoo! bought Four11, way back in 1997.
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