Yahoo Acquires Flurry Analytics As It Looks To Bolster Mobile Presence

For those who hang around this sector, Flurry is a common name. Every so often, perhaps every quarter or so, Flurry would unleash a flurry (sorry, we couldn't resist) of data surrounding platforms and mobile insights. Since launching in 2008, it has grown into a trusted, heavily relied upon source for information. Primarily tapped into by developers, the service claimed 170,000 devs and 1.4 million devices monthly before being acquired by Yahoo. That's right, acquired by Yahoo.

The Internet brand has been on a rampage of late, snapping up all sorts of startups in a bid to enhance its stance in the mobile realm. Flurry is an obvious key to unlocking Yahoo's potential in mobile, as it'll give Yahoo access to loads of data about the users and usage scenarios that it wants to entertain. As its core, Flurry is a mobile app analytics and advertising startup outfit, and now, it's becoming a piece of Yahoo after being acquired for between $200 million and $300 million.

What this gives to Yahoo is multifaceted. It could boost its mobile advertising revenue, and it could help Yahoo better take advantage of its own apps in terms of serving up ads. Interestingly, it doesn't appear that Yahoo is going to shut Flurry down as it has with so many other purchases. In the official release, Yahoo states: "By joining Yahoo, Flurry will have resources to speed up the delivery of platforms that help developers build better apps, reach the right users, and explore new revenue opportunities. Together, the companies can make mobile experiences better through products that are more personalized and more inspiring."