Yahoo 360 Spins For Last Time On July 13th

Sigh. Another shot, another failed attempt. Yahoo 360 -- which is Yahoo's second major attempt to break into the social networking scene -- is quietly folding early next month. The news comes a few years after Yahoo! Mash also faded into the distance, and it'll be almost two years since Yahoo has devoted any support to the site whatsoever.

In an e-mail statement issued by the search company, it informed current Yahoo 360 members that July 13th would be its last day in existence, and in order to "focus our efforts on making your new profile on Yahoo the place where you connect with the people who matter to you most," users will need to migrate their information over to Yahoo Profiles. After July 12th comes and goes, all information at Yahoo 360 will be inaccessible.

The site was launched with little fanfare way back in March of 2005, and for whatever reason, it never really caught on here in America. Oddly enough, it did seem to sweep the nation of Vietnam, and Yahoo's providing a special Yahoo 360Plus option for the Vietnamese market. Of late, Yahoo's name has been tossed around along with "Microsoft" and "acquisition," but who knows if any of that will pan out. At any rate, we'd suggest getting your Yahoo 360 content moved within the next month and change, else you'll be out of luck come mid-July.