XTEX Reveals $150 Ice Cream Sandwich Tablet

While both Amazon and Barnes & Noble seem to be holding the lion's portion of tablet market share down at the sub-$200 level, there's probably room for one or two more to make a dent; particularly at $150. XTEX has just announced My Tablet, a simply-titled unit with a 7-inch display, Wi-Fi and Android 4.0.3. That's right; an Ice Cream Sandwich tablet with an MSRP of just $150. It ships with a 1.5GHz CPU, 1GB of RAM, a 16GB internal HDD (with a 32GB microSD card), an 800x480 screen resolution and a front-facing 2MP webcam. It also supports USB, 1080p outvia via HDMI, and a headphone port.

Hard to say if it'll catch fire, but at $50 less than the Kindle Fire -- it's certainly worth a look for those needing a quick and handy tab to tote around.
Tags:  Android, tablet, slate, xtex