Xsens Bringing 3D Body Tracking Magic To The Masses

3D body sensors are soon to be useful for more than just video games and sci-fi movies. Xsens has just introduced what it's calling the "world's first wearable 3D body motion tracking system" that's based entirely from consumer-grade MEMS combo sensors. The kicker here is the "consumer-grade" part. Finally, the cost is coming down in the world of 3D body tracking. As part of a broader strategy, Xsens now offers IP originally developed for professional (B2B) applications of 3D body motion tracking using wearable motion trackers for mass market application in the consumer electronics industry. Xsens has supplied 3D body motion tracking technology for Hollywood productions such as Ted, John Carter, X-Men, The Avengers and many more.

Unlike the first generation wearable technologies like counting users steps and estimating calories, Xsens' technology enables accurate, real-time tracking of body motion. One or more wearable motion trackers, connected to a smartphone, deliver real-time 3D joint angles, position and velocity. Per Slycke, CTO of Xsens; "What makes this so exciting is that you can take the analysis to the next level. Instead of measuring that you are moving, or not, we can track how you move. We can deliver the data to help the user understand the motion or technique, in order to understand how to improve. We are helping our customers to innovate and take full advantage of the power of today's MEMS motion sensors using our unique sensor fusion software."

It's unclear what companies will step up to the plate and implement this, but we can count of fitness companies and potentially healthcare companies using it to bring 3D tracking to the masses. Hungry for video? Dip into the video above.
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