XPad Tablet To Be "World's Most Affordable" Android Option

You've probably heard of the XOPC, which is education-minded, and perhaps even India's mythical "$35 tablet." But have you ever heard of Simmtronics? No? Well, they're making the "world's most affordable tablet." The XPad costs just $81, and still manages to include the basis: Cortex Arm 8 CPU, a multi-touch panel and Wi-Fi. It's aiming to sell in the Asia-Pacific region, and the company may also debut a version for students in the Middle East. The XPad will ship in 7", 8", 9", 9.7" and 10" versions (got all the basis covered!), with each one running Android 4.0, handling 1080p video playback courtesy of the 1GHz power plant, and with 4GB of NAND Flash memory. If you've got a microSD card, that'd be useful in expanding things a bit.

A $81 tablet? Yeah, makes that $199 Nexus 7 look pricey.