XIM3 Adapter Enables Keyboard + Mouse Control On Xbox 360

Remember "GameShark?" How about "Game Genie?" For older gamers, these names bring back memories of a time when game cheats required extra hardware, as our consoles weren't exactly equipped with extra memory or Internet connections -- things that make entering cheat codes easy today. These days, it's pretty tough to cheat when playing online, and that's a good thing. Companies have implemented technologies such as PunkBuster in order to keep the playing field level, but now, Xbox 360 users can get a leg-up on the competition.

The XIM3 is an upgraded version of the XIM2, but it's so much more advanced that it's hard to even remember what the old model looked like. The purpose of this peripheral is to give Xbox 360 gamers the ability to control gameplay with more than just a traditional gamepad. Many console users would greatly prefer to use a keyboard + mouse combo rather than a gamepad, and this adapter makes that possible.

It also allows gamers to utilize their favorite PC gamepads instead of the Xbox 360 gamepad, and it's able to transfer commands in real-time so there's no controller lag to worry about. The onboard full-color display makes the configuration of your new controllers an easy process, and it's even upgradable in the future via firmware updates. The company is expected to re-open their web store on Monday following a slam of orders over the weekend, and there's a video below showing how much your game could be improved if you're more inclined to handle fast-paced action with a mouse + keyboard combo.

It's $149.99, though, so definitely not an impulse purchase.