Xi3 Piston Steam Box Revealed With Black Friday Ship Date

The face of home gaming is changing drastically this year, with the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 both slated to make their U.S. debuts prior to the holidays. But what about the oddball from Xi3? After being teased a few days ago, the company has spilled the beans on the Piston's impending release. The Piston console will be available for purchase beginning on Black Friday: November 29, 2013. Why should you mark your calendar? Well, for one, the Piston is going to be even more advanced than what was initially announced.

Storage capacity has been doubled, and its Ethernet controller has been optimized for gameplay traffic. It'll also ship with pre-loaded titles to get you gaming right away. Built on the modular and patented Xi3 Computer Architecture, the Piston console is equipped with a quad-core x86-based 64-bit processor integrated with 384 programmable discrete class graphics cores. 4K output is supported, too.

Interested? You can pre-order today for $999.