Xi3 Launches X7A Modular Computer and Z3RO Pro Computer, Huge Booth At CES 2014

A few years ago, you may have assumed that Xi3 was just a fad. But yet, here we are at another CES, and the company is making news once more. It came to fame by producing modular, low-cost computers that can be applied just about anywhere, from schools to small businesses to even Steam Machines. This year, Xi3 is touting its largest booth ever at CES (nearly 3x larger than prior shows), where it'll feature the Modular Computer line as well as the Steam-based PISTON Console.

More than half of the booth "will focus on the business side of computing, leading off with a full-size mock-up of the "Patient Room of the Future" that features Xi3's new Near-Edge microSERV3R. Additionally, Xi3's in-booth Enterprise focus will include an area that highlights the use of Xi3's tiny yet powerful X7A Modular Computers in the Digital Signage industry." Xi3 will also showcase the abilities of its computers to function extremely well in a variety of harsh environments, including installations with elevated ambient temperatures, humidity levels and atmospheric pressure, as well as exposure to water, certain chemicals, airborne particulate matter, etc.

"With the launch of our X7A Modular Computer and Z3RO Pro Computer, many customers and partners are beginning to realize that our extremely tiny, powerful and eco-friendly machines are exactly what they're missing in their enterprise installations," said Jason A. Sullivan, Xi3's Founder, President and CEO. "With these new enterprise products in our portfolio, we are targeting specific vertical markets where we know we hold major competitive advantages over traditional computing solutions. We invite everyone at CES 2014 to visit us to learn more about how we can help you solve your I.T. problems."

Looks like small and modular is in, huh? Long live desktop innovation.