XFX Radeon RX 590 FatBoy Polaris Refresh Gaming Card Leaks

AMD might as well formally introduce the oft rumored Radeon RX 590 at this point—we all know it's coming, and several of AMD's add-in board (AIB) partners have designs in place, based on all of the leaks so far. The latest to join the fray is XFX with its factory overclocked Radeon RX 590 FatBoy OC+ edition model.

XFX Radeon RX 590
Image Source: Videocardz via XFX

To quickly recap, the Radeon RX 590 is an unannounced new product that is based on a refreshed Polaris GPU, often referred to as Polaris 30. While there are no official details available, rumor has it that Polaris 30 is built on a 12-nanometer FinFET manufacturing process and has the same number of stream processors and compute units as previous generation Polaris parts found in both the Radeon RX 580 and Radeon RX 480.

If the leaked information is accurate, the Radeon RX 590 will feature faster clockspeeds and greater power efficiency. As a result of the latter, it's possible that the new card will be able to hold its boost clock for longer periods of time, and maybe overclock higher as well, though we'll have to wait and see about all that.

As for the XFX Radeon RX 590 FatBoy OC+ edition, it's said to have a 6.7 percent overclock on the boost clock, which is set at 1,600MHz out of the box. Looking at the press renders, it appears similar in design to XFX's Radeon RX 580 GTS model.

The card is equipped with a thick dual-fan cooler that effectively takes up three slots (XFX might bill it as a 2.5-slot design), with a metal backplate. There are two PCI Express power connectors, an 8-pin and a 6-pin, and five display connectors consisting of three DisplayPorts, a DVI-I connector, and an HDMI output.

The Radeon RX 590 is loosely rumored to launch on November 15.