XFX Attacks Graphics Market with Exclusive Alien vs Predator Bundle

Unless you're willing to wait for Fermi, investing in a DirectX 11 foundation means hopping on the AMD/ATI bandwagon, which as it turns out isn't such a bad ride. And once you do, there are already a handful of DX11 titles to choose from, including Aliens vs Predator, Dirt 2 and the well acclaimed Batman: Arkham Asylum.

We won't get into the merits of DX11 here (perhaps in another article, at another time), but suffice to say, if you're looking to knock out two birds with one stone, XFX has announced an exclusive bundle pairing the DX11 title Aliens vs Predator with one of three different Radeon HD 5xxx series videocards.

The exclusive bundling applies to the following cards:
In other words, there's an option here for every budget, save for the entry-level crowd who probably shouldn't be too concerned with DX11 anyway. The 'bundled game' comes in the form of a download coupon with product key redeemable through Steam. And of course XFX's 'Double Lifetime Warranty' applies (to the card, not the game), which makes a great marketing bullet for antsy upgraders who end up selling their parts on the used market within a few months.
Legendary Game, Meet Legendary Game Bundle.

XFX does it again, delivering exceptional gaming quality and a FREE download of the highly anticipated DX11 thriller Aliens vs. Predator.

Tailored to your exacting needs, XFX graphics cards ensure that you enjoy the ultimate gaming experience no matter what skill level you are. The XFX Trilogy (ATI Stream Technology, ATI Eyefinity Technology and DirectX® 11) puts you squarely in the game—and keeps you there. The result is a more balanced gaming platform that can handle the demands of fully immersive games like Aliens vs. Predator.

ATI Eyefinity Technology literally expands your horizons by enabling you to stretch your gaming experience across up to three displays, at resolutions up to 1080p and beyond. This unique “wrap-around” in-picture experience allows you to become fully immersed in your game—or productively immersed in your work.

Full Microsoft® DirectX® 11 support allows you to max out your settings and still game at the highest resolutions. GET YOUR SELECT XFX RADEON HD GRAPHICS CARD TODAY and receive a coupon for a FREE download of Aliens vs. Predator. This unparalleled DX11 sci-fi thriller enables you to step into the roles of alien, predator or marine. Whichever you choose, the only thing you can expect is the unexpected.

Legendary game. Legendary gaming. Only from XFX.