XCOM: Enemy Unknown Invades iOS This Summer

Apple iPad and iPhone owners are in for a treat. Come this summer, Firaxis and 2K Games will port the turn-based tactical role-playing strategy game to iOS, the game's developers announced at PAX East. The ported title will come with all the same features found on the PC and console versions.

"It's a straight port. We have not made any game play exceptions," XCOM: Enemy Unknown Lead Designer Jake Solomon told Joystiq at the event. "You play the exact same game, it's just now fully playable on an iPhone or an iPad."

XCOM on iPad

Solomon was decidedly more coy when pressed for pricing information, saying only that it will be "priced appropriately for what it is."  He also added that it will come in at a "premium price point" reflective of this being a full game. In other words, it's not going to be a $1.99 download.

The iOS port won't include the Slingshot DLC, but will come with Elite Soldier.