Xbox One TV Tuner Makes US Debut Priced From $59.99

Taking care of one of its most requested features for the Xbox One, Microsoft has just announced that it's partnered with TV tuner leader Hauppauge to deliver a specialized tuner for its console.

Priced at $59.99 USD, Hauppauge's Xbox One tuner brings more to the table than you might expect. Its simplest feature is letting you watch live TV on your Xbox One, but extending that functionality is a couple of neat features. For starters, you can watch live TV alongside your game, pause live TV for up to 30 minutes, and even navigate channels with Kinect voice controls.

Xbox One Tuner

Something even less expected than those feature is the fact that you'll be able to stream over-the-air channels to any PC in your house equipped with the Xbox App. If you're interested in taking advantage of that feature, Microsoft is selling a bundle that includes a Mohu Leaf 50 antenna, which adds $40 to the price.

It's worth noting that this tuner supports both US and Canadian customers. To purchase, you can head on down to your local Microsoft store, or hit up its online counterpart.