Xbox One To Receive The Windows 10 Treatment Later This Year

A couple of weeks ago, we reported on an Xbox One update set to drop sometime this month that could enable the console's game-streaming capabilities, first detailed at Microsoft's action-packed January 21 event. At this point in time, though, such functionality isn't really what I'd call "impressive", but it's certainly appreciated.

So if that's not too impressive, what is? How about Microsoft bringing Windows 10 to the console? Let that sink in for a moment.

According to Windows blogger Paul Thurrott, who sat down with Microsoft's Corporate VP Joe Belfiore at last week's Build conference, Windows 10 will hit the Xbox One sometime later this year. It's reported that the OS' roll out will be "staggered", with computers hit first, phones second, and then other platforms later (IoT, Xbox One, HoloLens).

Windows 10 Build 10074 start menu
What could Windows 10 on Xbox One look like?

It seems highly unlikely that Windows 10 will behave like the full-blown OS on the Xbox One, but it could mimic what we'll see from the limited IoT edition (which is set to be free for devices like the Raspberry Pi). But that's probably fine - I can't imagine many people will want to fiddle with Excel or Word files on their TV. So what on earth could Windows 10 bring to the Xbox One? Let the speculation roll!

I do have one possibility: since Microsoft is allowing game-streaming from the Xbox One to a PC, perhaps it'll allow the vice-versa to occur as well. What's the point? It'd allow people to enjoy their Xbox One whether they're streaming a PC game or playing a native Xbox One title. Perhaps I'm a little too hopeful, but today's Microsoft always seems to have some surprises up its sleeve.