X-Arcade Solo Joystick Puts Retro Back In The Limelight For $100

Ah, arcades. The generation that grew up wondering where their next quarter was going to come from knows all too well the joy found in a typical arcade-style control scheme, and it's something that modern-era gamers are seemingly missing out on in favor of more advanced control pads. Thankfully, there's still a viable market for older, retro-inspired controllers, and X-Arcade has a new one for those looking to re-live their glory days.

The company's Solo Joystick is now available to pre-order, and will ship in early December. The company suggests that this one is impossible to destroy, making it ideal for living room battles with your infants. Measuring in at 11 inches from side to side and built with 12 LBS of industrial- grade materials, the X-Arcade Solo makes it feel like you're using a real arcade machine. It also includes a lifetime warranty, just in case you're worried.

It's $99.99, and is compatible with PCs, Linux-based machines and even Mac computers. For console gamers, you can pay a bit extra to add compatibility there.