X1900 Manual Online?

Although the net has been full of images supposedly showing ATI's upcoming R580 core, the first bit of news that seems to be genuine appears to be a leaked manual from ATI for their X1900 graphics card. Daily Tech has been kind enough to mirror the 160 page user manual which can be downloaded for your viewing pleasure. Without a doubt, the information within the manual certainly seems interesting. Flip through the manual and decide for yourself how genuine this .pdf truly is.

Graphic Features: Native PCI Express(R) X16 bus support, 256MB or 512 MB GDDR3 on-board memory, Full support for Microsoft(R) DirectX(R) Shader Model 3.x., High performance Ultra-Threaded shader engine, Eight vertex shader processors, Forty-eight pixel shader processors, 512-bit internal ring-bus memory controller, 256-bit 8-channel memory interface, Native PCI Express(R) x16 bus interface.
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