WowWee's AppGear Brings "New Reality" To iOS And Android Devices

Lookie here, more CES news! WowWee doesn't make too many introductions, but who can resist the chance to unveil something on the world's tech stage? The company has just released their latest "toy," which is actually more of a gizmo than some impulse buy. AppGear is the name, standing for a line of collectible toys that interact with free downloaded apps. AppGear changes the way consumers interact with the world of gaming, connecting apps with traditional tangible toys providing the user with a unique interface combining the digital and real world; essentially creating a new reality..."Amplified Reality".

Launching in early 2012 with 6 unique titles, AppGear will be the low-cost innovative leader in the newly created category, known as AppCessories. A leading national newspaper recently said the AppCessory™ category will be the hottest toy category for 2012.

Last year App sales surpassed 5.2 billion dollars and this year that number is expected to increase to over 15 billion. By 2014 experts expect to see the number grow exponentially to 185 billion in sales.

"Until now, traditional retailers or brick-and-mortars have been unable to tap into this huge growing market. They've been left out of the app party, but now App Gear is providing retailers an opportunity to take a bite out of the "app" pie," said Mike Gonzales, Creative Director and Digital Brand Manager for WowWee. "AppGear products will be sold at retail with price points of $9.99 up to $19.99, making the AppGear experience affordable for the real consumer!"

Every AppGear product, such as a collectible figure, interactive playset or customizable toy, will connect or interact with the associated free downloaded app. Also unique to AppGear and crucial to the success of AppGear for 2012, every AppGear product is compatible with all IOS(iPhone, iPad, iTouch) and Android platforms.