WOWee One And MicroVision Bring Major Sound / Vision Improvements To Mobile

WOWee ONE, a company well-versed in ultra-portable speakers, and MicroVision, an outfit responsible for a number of ultra-miniature laser display technologies, are joining forces at CES. They're unveiling their collaboration to bring enhanced mobile visual and audio experiences to smartphone and tablet users in more than 120 countries, and they're teaming together to bring customers a portable, immersive digital consumption experience, by combining WOWee ONE’s revolutionary Gel-Audio based portable speakers with MicroVision’s award winning products based on PicoP portable display engine technology giving users the ability to instantly share and enjoy their content with colleagues, family and friends.

WOWee ONE and MicroVision are working together to expand the boundaries of mobile viewing by combining sight and sound to create an immersive viewing experience virtually anywhere. With the WOWee ONE speaker and MicroVision’s pico projector, smartphone and tablet users can have a large viewing display, up to 200 inches diagonal, with incredible, crisp images and booming sound, whether they are at home, hanging out with friends, presenting their latest business analytics or watching a movie in their hotel room.

This immersive digital consumption experience produced by both companies will be available in more than 120 countries starting this quarter. Collaborating with major brand content providers such as MTV UK (including VH-1 and Viva) WOWee ONE gains national online and TV advertising exposure across a raft of platforms that reach over 7.5 million fans and now those fans can view and listen to their favorite content wherever they go.

WOWee ONE’s portable speakers featuring Gel Audio and the portable projector featuring MicroVision PicoP® technology can use any surface to create robust sound and focus-free viewing making it easy for users to view and share multimedia on the go. Whether watching a movie with friends, viewing YouTube clips, or watching game highlights, the vibrant sound and crisp, always in-focus image provide users with an affordable, very compact immersive package as well as providing business users with a great tool for making on the fly presentations.