World Of Warcraft Classic Lands In Late August, Beta Stress Tests Commence Next Week

It has been well over a decade since World of Warcraft (WoW) first burst onto the PC gaming scene, however, the most recent WoW Battle for Azeroth expansion landed back in late 2017. In its heyday, WoW was a massive game with millions of players, and it first crossed the 12 million player threshold in October 2010.

wow classic

Fans of the game will be able to enjoy WoW Classic starting on August 26 in the States. The launch will give players access to the 1.12 version of the game known in its day as the "Drums of War" update. Blizzard Entertainment will be conducting beta and stress tests before the game launches.

To get in on the testing of WoW Classic will require players to opt into testing on their account manager page and have an active subscription. Players will be randomly selected starting today, May 15. If chosen, there are three stress tests to be conducted that players can log into.

The first stress test will run from May 22-23, the second stress test is June 19-20, and the third is July 18-19. Players can start to create their characters on August 13 so you can get that screen name you always coveted back in the prime days of WoW. The official launch of WoW Classic will happen at 3:00 pm PDT August 26 in the Americas.

The launch in all other locations happens on August 27. In Europe the launch is at 12:00 am CEST, Taiwan launches at 6:00 am CST, Korea's launch is at 7:00 am KST, ANZ will launch at 8:00 am AEST. On those dates and times, players will get to begin exploring the continents of Kalimdor and the Eastern Kingdoms as they fight for the Horde or the Alliance. You can read more details about the WoW Classic launch here.