World of Warcraft Classic Gains Dire Maul Dungeon Raid With New Update

wow dire maul
Blizzard has announced the launch of new World of Warcraft Classic content called Dire Maul. Dire Maul is located in Feralas and is a large 5-player dungeon that has three wings. The dungeon can be explored for loot, and players can infiltrate the entrenched ogre tribe on a tribute run to claim rewards and buffs.

The dungeon has a large free-for-all outdoor PvP arena called "The Maul" that is inside the Broken Commons. The Maul is said to be a great place for players to hone their PvP skills among friends. To reach Dire Maul, Horde players can head to Camp Majache and run west until they reach a road in the High Wilderness that forks to the North.

Alliance players will fly into Feathermoon Stronghold and run east until reaching the same road in the wilderness. The recommended player level range is 55-60, but players at level 54 can partake. The first player in WoW Classic to hit level 60 did so in early September. WoW warns that the dungeon is "particularly dangerous," and players will need dependable teamwork to make it through. To proceed past the East Wing requires that players either find a couple of additional keys, have a rogue with high enough lockpick skill, use a large Seaforium Charge, or a Truesilver Skeleton Key that can be created by a blacksmith.

The key to the remaining areas of the dungeon requires players to track down and chase down the imp Pusillin in the East Wing, who can drop Crescent Keys. To gain access to King Gordok's room requires the Gordok Inner Door Key that can be looted from the Guard Mol'dar in the Gor'dok Commons.

Players will encounter plenty of loot in the dungeon, and there are multiple quests to enjoy. There are multiple ways to make it through the dungeon. One of them requires a tribute run where players avoid killing all bosses up to King Gordok. If the king is killed, the player can claim their place as the new king of the ogres. Players need a disguise that can be created with 4 bolts of Runecloth, 8 Rugged Leathers, 2 Rune Threads, and 1 Ogre Tannin delivered to Knot Thimblejack.