World's Largest Game Controller is Freaking Huge (and Awesome)

You may have played Super Mario Bros. on a 65-inch television before, and you might have even collected coins on an HDTV much larger. But have you ever chucked fireballs at Bowser using a 12-foot wide Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) controller? Sure it's insanity, but it's also possible on the world's largest game controller, a massive NES control pad that weighs 265 pounds and is fully functional!

To celebrate the release of Guinness World Records Gamer's Edition 2012 in the U.K., gamers will have a chance to play with the 12-foot NES controller this Wednesday in London. For those of you, like us, live in the States, it's almost worth the trip, and we suppose you could even squeeze in some sight seeing while you're there.

Why build such a massive controller? Hey, why not! According to reports, it was built by British Engineering student Ben Allen with the assistance of some equally geeky buddies. It took an investment of $6,000 to complete. Another fun fact: To use it like a regular controller, you'd have to stand 167 feet tall, BuzzFeed says.

Anyone up for building a ginormous Atari joystick?